ITANA V4 for Lotus Notes

‘iPhone Tasks And Notebook Access for Lotus Notes’

is a set web applications(‘My Tasks’ now works offline) for the iPhone giving access to the Tasks / To Dos  and Notebook / Journal found in Lotus Notes.

Why use ITANA?

There are 2 issues with Lotus Notes on the iPhone 


  1. Tasks – Unlike many other smart phone operating systems, the iPhone does not have a native built in Tasks / To Do’s  application to sync with the Domino server.
  2. Notebook/Journal –  The iPhone does  have a Notes application which is similar to the Journal/Notebook found in Lotus Notes, but does not have attachment support, nor does it have the ability to be synchronized from the Domino server.

Extending Lotus Traveler

ITANA for Lotus Notes is a logical extension to Lotus Traveler for the iPhone. ITANA contains two web applications that can be saved to your iPhone desktop and connect you directly with your Lotus Notes Tasks and Notebook/Journal.  You can create new entries, edit entries, and even view attachments from your iPhone.   These applications coupled with Lotus Traveler create a great Notes experience on the iPhone.  To make the experiance even better you can use the iPhone Tutorial and Template to easily extend your native Lotus Notes applications to your iPhone users.

One Database to Rule them All

Installation is easy, simply drop the ITANA database into your Traveler server, or any Domino web accessible server, and connect to it with your iPhone web browser.  Log-in and bookmark the page to your Home Screen.  This webpage will direct each user who logs in to their own Tasks or Notebook database.  You do not have to change or edit the mail template! The Task(mail file) database or Notebook file does not need to be on the same server unless you want to view attachments.  For attachments to work properly, make sure a replica database for both the Tasks(Mail File) and Notebook reside on the same server as the ITANA database.


The Notebook or Journal  application is much like the Tasks application.  You can open and edit your notebook entries, and view attachments that are located within the entry itself.  The look and feel is identical to the Tasks application and the transitions are the same as well.


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